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Premium Sukkah-Small (Height: 8ft)

Say hello to your ultimate sukkah solution. Tired of boring designs and the headache of dragging a Sukkah home from the store?
Our Premium Sukkah kit is a winner option with its modern, clean look, and exceptional quality. Buy a sukkah online and we provide you with EVERYTHING you need to your doorstep, shipped free!

Sukkah | Bamboo Support Poles | Mehadrin Schach Mats | Storage Bags

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What Comes In The Full Sukkah Kit?

  • Sukkah Frame Poles
  • Sukkah Frame Connectors
  • White Heavy Duty PE Sukkah Walls
  • Premium Bungee Cords
  • Sukkah Storage Bag
  • Bamboo Support Poles with Bag
  • Mehadrin Schach Mats with Bags

Product Details

  • 8ft Sukkah Height, Tallest Sukkah in the Market
  • 3 Sukkah Walls
  • 1.5mm Thick Steel
  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • White Heavy Duty Waterproof Polyethylene Sukkah Walls
  • Wheel Chair Accessible
  • Assembly With No Tools

Any Questions?

Customer Assurance

  • Free Shipping
  • 30 Day Return
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Quality Gaurantee

Get to Know This Sukkah


No Tools Needed

Simple Setup

Get this — you can build your Sukkah with absolutely no tools! Imagine assembling your Sukkah without the usual scrambling for supplies, inevitable hammer-on-the-thumb mishap, or the need to nag certain family members to get to work. Thanks to our simple Sukkot building kit and detailed instruction manual, you can have your Sukkah up and ready in just 30-60 minutes!

Expand Your Sukkah Anytime

Strategic Solutions

The Premium Sukkah was created with all your needs in mind. Widen your Sukkah with our expansion kits as your family grows larger. Additionally, an open entrance with no bar on the floor provides easy access for strollers and wheelchairs, and eliminates a tripping hazard.

The Newest Style Sukkah Walls

Fuctional Features

Not only are the Sukkah walls beautifully designed, they’re made of white polyethylene waterproof and weather-friendly material that can withstand the elements. In addition, say goodbye to flapping walls — our innovative bungee cords secure the walls tightly, creating a smooth look and Kosher Le’Mehadrin fit.


8 feet tall

Airy ambiance

There’s no reason to feel cramped and confined this Sukkos. With a height of 8-Feet and open design, an exposed entrance, and a small space between the walls and frame, experience a Sukkah that feels expansive, unrestricted, and spacious.

Easy as 1... 2 ... 3!


Select the sukkah that meets your needs and preferences. We're happy to assist!


Our warehouse team starts packaging your order as soon as it is received.


Your dream sukkah is delivered straight to your door!

Premium Sukkah FAQ’s

What is the difference between the “Premium Sukkah – Small” and the “Premium Sukkah – Large”?

Both sukkahs offer the same beautiful design and exceptional quality. The only difference is in the look - the small sizes have three walls, and the large sizes have three & a half. You can customize your Premium Large to only be three walls as well – call us up! Both sukkahs offer the same beautiful design and exceptional quality.

Why are there three walls?

In order for a Sukkah to be Kosher it only needs three walls. Three walls is much more convenient than four, as you can easily walk in and out of your Sukkah and it allows for a more spacious layout. In addition if you are looking to place your sukkah against a door from your house this type of layout is definitely your first choice! In order for a Sukkah to be Kosher it needs three walls.

Why is there a space between my sukkah frame and wall?

The gap is there to allow space for the Sukkah wall to be pulled and connected to the frame with bungee cords. This ensures the Sukkah walls are pulled taught and have a smoother look, so you don’t need to worry about your walls flapping in the wind like the velcro models. The gap also gives your sukkah a more spacious, open, and contemporary feel. The gap is there to allow space for the Sukkah wall to be pulled and connected to the frame with bungee cords.

When should I open my Sukkah and Schach boxes?

It's crucial to unbox your Sukkah and Schach mats as soon as you receive them to ensure you have all the necessary parts and pieces. Mistakes can happen, and waiting until the last minute could be disastrous. After Rosh Hashana it gets extremely busy and we want to provide you with the best possible service. It's crucial to unbox your Sukkah and Schach mats as soon as you receive them to ensure you have all the necessary parts and pieces.

Legends That Create Sukkahs

"TheSukkahPlaces All Inclusive Sukkah Kit is a lifesaver! Ordered online, free delivery, and setup was a breeze – no tools needed. The 8-foot height adds a spacious feel, and the bamboo Schach mats are great quality. Perfect for a relaxed and elegant Sukkos in Brooklyn!"

Emma Cohen
Brooklyn, New York

"Impressed with the Premium Sukkah from TheSukkahPlace. Effortless setup – no tools required. The bungee cords keep everything secure, and the 8-foot height creates an open atmosphere. Bonus points for fitting into a 5' bag for easy storage. A great choice for a comfortable and stylish Sukkos in Vancouver!"

Noah Katz
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"TheSukkahPlaces All Inclusive Sukkah Kit is a winner! Quick and tool-free setup, stylish walls, and weather-resistant. The expandable design is thoughtful, and the Mehadrin Schach is amazing. A sophisticated solution for Sukkos in Los Angeles!"

Mia Stone
Los Angeles, California

"Opted for TheSukkahPlaces Premium Sukkah – fantastic decision! The 8-foot height creates a roomy vibe, and the simple tool-free setup is a game-changer. I appreciate the compact storage in a 5' bag. Ready for a relaxed and refined Sukkos in New York!"

Eithan Friedman
New York, New York

"TheSukkahPlace delivers excellence! The All Inclusive Sukkah Kit is top-notch with easy setup, durable walls, and quality bamboo Schach mats. The clever bungee cords ensure a snug fit. Ideal for an elegant and comfortable Sukkos in Miami!"

Sophie Greene
Miami, Florida