Our commitment to excellence has stood the test of time. From 1994 to 2024.

Sukkah Place was founded in 1994 with an ambitious mission - to offer the highest quality Sukkahs at the most affordable prices. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to achieving this goal, and we are proud to say that we have finally succeeded. Our Sukkah models are pristine, and our Schach is of the highest quality, making us a leading company in the Sukkah industry.

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The Sukkah place, Your Sukkah Destination.

At The Sukkah Place, we strive to be your one and only Sukkah destination for all your Sukkah needs. We offer a vast array of Sukkahs to choose from, including our Quick-Screw Connector Premium Sukkah, luxurious King Solomon Sukkah, and even a Travel Sukkah for those who love adventure. Browse through our impressive collection to find the perfect Sukkah that meets your needs.

Customize Your Sukkah, To Your Needs.

At The Sukkah Place, we know that everyone's Sukkah needs are unique. When you require a custom-sized Sukkah that fits your specific space requirements, you can count on us. For years, we've been creating made-to-order Sukkahs that fit seamlessly in our customers' backyards, porches, or pergolas. We're the go-to experts in the field, with the expertise and experience to ensure your custom Sukkah is perfect for your needs.

Free Delivery To Your Doorstep.

We understand that Sukkahs and Schach Mats can be bulky and heavy, and we don't want you to worry about transporting them from the store to your home. Moreover, we recognize that many Jewish communities across the United States don't have easy access to Sukkah stores. That's why we offer free delivery straight to your doorstep, anywhere in the USA. Our shipping system and operations are designed to ensure that your Sukkah and Schach arrive hassle-free. At The Sukkah Place, we believe that getting your hands on quality Sukkah products should be easy.

Certified Kosher Sukkah Mats/ Mehadrin Schach With Hechsher.

At The Sukkah Place, we exclusively provide our customers with Kosher Certified Schach mats for their Sukkah roof. Our Schach mats are meticulously handwoven using premium raffia string, ensuring both beauty and adherence to the highest standard of Kashrus. Rest assured that each of our Schach bags includes a kosher certification, guaranteeing the authenticity and compliance of our products.

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Highest Quality

Highest Quality

Sukkah Place is committed to delivering only the best quality products to its customers. Our Premium Sukkahs are crafted from industrial-grade materials, ensuring that they last for years to come. With a thickness of 18 gauge, our Premium Sukkah poles are incredibly sturdy and rest assured, your Premium Sukkah will hold up against rain, wind, and other elements, providing you with a durable and reliable Sukkah for all your holiday celebrations.

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

The Premium Sukkah is our signature product, renowned for its customizable features. We've designed our Sukkahs with simplicity and intricate detail in mind, allowing our customers to expand and customize their Sukkah size to their specific needs from one year to the next. Whether you require a Sukkah in a particular shape or size, we've got you covered. Our Premium Sukkah can be tailor-made to fit your unique specifications, ensuring that it's exactly how you need it. At Sukkah Place, we're committed to providing our customers with the flexibility and versatility they need to create their perfect Sukkah.



Sukkahs are typically known to be heavy and difficult to maneuver. But here at Sukkah Place, we've designed our Sukkahs with your convenience in mind. We understand how challenging it can be to handle a large Sukkah, therefore, we use only the lightest yet highest quality materials in constructing our Sukkahs, ensuring that they're both sturdy and easy to handle. With Sukkah Place, you won't have to worry about the hassle of moving a heavy Sukkah or compromising on quality. Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones while we take care of the rest.

Fiberglass Sukkah
About Fiberglass Sukkah
Compact For Storage

Compact For Storage

Our Sukkahs are designed with your convenience in mind. We understand that storage space can be limited, so we have made sure that all of our Sukkah models are compact and easy to store. Once dismantled, our Sukkahs can fit in boxes that are 5 feet or less, freeing up your valuable space for other purposes. At Sukkah Place, we strive to provide you with a Sukkah that is not only durable and high-quality, but also practical and convenient.

Assembly WO Tools

Assembly W/O Tools

At Sukkah Place, we believe that assembling and dismantling a Sukkah should be a hassle-free experience. That's why we've designed our Sukkahs to be incredibly easy to assemble, without the need for any tools. Our Sukkahs can be set up in 30 minutes or less, saving you time and effort. We prioritize simplicity and convenience, so you can focus on celebrating the holiday instead of struggling with complicated assembly instructions and tools.

Adjustable Expandable

Adjustable & Expandable Poles

Our latest addition to the Sukkah Place lineup is the King Solomon Sukkah, which sets itself apart in the market. It's designed with adjustable and expandable poles, giving you the ability to customize the size of your Sukkah to your exact specifications. This unique feature allows for more sizing options than any other Sukkah on the market. With the King Solomon Sukkah, our clients can shape their Sukkah to meet their exact needs, ensuring a perfect fit every time.