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Bamboo Schach Sukkah Mat

Buy schach from our premium selection of Mehadrin Bamboo Mats for your Sukkah today. Certified by the Badatz Edah Chariedis of Yerushalayim you can be sure your sukkah schach mats are 100% natural. In addition, you don't need to worry about dragging home your schach mats because we ship your whole deluxe sukkah roof to your door free of charge!

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What Comes With My Schach Order?

  • All natural kosher schach mat
  • A tag which is fastened on by the Badatz Eidah Chareidis of Yerushalayim to ensure Kashrus.
  • Heavy duty deluxe oxford storage bag

Product Details

  • Woven With Only Natural Materials To Ensure Mehadrin Kashrus
  • Certified By The Badatz Eidah Chariedis
  • Specially Treated To Withstand Outdoor Weather
  • Easybuild roll out
  • Nice and flat, and woven tightly

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Customer Assurance

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  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Quality Guaranteed

Our Premium Schach Mats


Badatz of Yerushalayim

Kosher Certification

At TheSukkahPlace our Sukkah schach cater to the highest standards of Halachic adherence to provide you with Kosher Schach, certified by the Badatz Eidah Chareidis. You are receiving the best in both quality and Kashrus so you can do the mitzvah right. When we say Mehadrin Schach, we mean it!

Order Schach To Your Doorstep

Buy Schach online

During the hectic Yom Tov season, skip the schlep to the store. We’ve simplified the Schach-buying process, so you won't break a sweat. After placing an order all you have to do is sit back, relax, and unroll your Schach mats when they arrive to your door.

All Size Schach Mats

Strategic Solutions

Choose from large sizes for quick seamless coverage or opt for smaller, lightweight Mehadrin Schach bamboo mats ideal for easy carrying and compact storage. Elevate your Sukkot holiday experience with versatility that suits your preferences.

Treated For The Outdoors

Premium Product

Our Sukkah Schach mats stand the test of time. Created with top-quality, all-natural materials and treated to withstand multiple years and all weather conditions, your Schach investment will last for a very long time!


last for years

Store Your Schach

Unlike palm fronds from a palm tree, which have a shelf life of one Sukkos, the Mehadrin Bamboo Schach Mats can be reused. When Sukkos ends, you can simply remove the schach mats and place them in schach storage bags they come with. Their compact design ensures storage is easy, convenient, and practical.

Sukkah As Easy as 1... 2 ... 3!


Select the Schach mat that meets your needs and preferences. We're happy to assist!


Our warehouse team starts packaging your Succos order as soon as it is received.


Your Mehadrin Bamboo Mats are delivered straight to your door!

Schach FAQ’s

What are schach mats?

TheSukkahPlace's kosher mehadrin schach mats are made purely from bamboo, using only natural materials. They fulfill the requirement of s'chach; covering the sukkah roof while allowing a clear view of the sky, as per halacha. TheSukkahPlace's Mehadrin Schach mats are made purely from bamboo, using only natural materials.

Why should I get bamboo mats vs. palm fronds?

Bamboo mats are a beautiful, hassle-free, and long-lasting schach option. They’re easier to handle than palm fronds, and require less maintenance. Enjoy a clean and polished look for your sukkah with these neat and aesthetically pleasing bamboo mats. Bamboo mats are a great choice for those looking for a beautiful, hassle-free, and long-lasting schach option.

Which way do the Schach mats roll out?

The mats will consistently unroll along the longer side. This implies that the length of the roll will align with the shorter side, and once fully rolled out, the longer side will be laid out. The mats will consistently unroll along the longer side. This implies that the length

Is your schach the Kaynus mats or the flat mats?

Our bamboo schach mats are made from the flat bamboo to avoid rotting and mold. Our bamboo schach mats are made from the flat bamboo

How should I store my schach?

Make sure your schach is completely dry before putting it away for the year. Make sure your schach is completely dry

Legends That Create Sukkahs

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Shoshi Lidner
Indianapolis, Indiana

"Top-notch kosher schach! TheSukkahPlace’s mats, certified by Badatz Eidah Chareidis, we're the exact sizes I needed. Lasted through heavy rain!"

Rivky Epstein
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"Simplify Sukkos prep with TheSukkahPlace’s hassle-free schach-buying process. Ordered online, and the premium bamboo mats arrived perfectly."

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Gila, Neuberger
Phoenix, Arizona

"TheSukkahPlace’s Mehadrin Bamboo Mats are a game-changer. Store them easily and enjoy Sukkos year after year. Delivered effortlessly to my home in Sacramento, California."

David Rozner
Sacramento, California